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4 ways to eat keropok lekor

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Terengganu is located in the shoreline of Malaysia, rich and famous with its white sand beaches and handfull set of islands. Whoever come to Terengganu must be delighted with it’s people, it’s nature, heritage and mind relaxing atmosphere. Among other things popular in Terengganu, of course it’s famous keropok lekor. Made of fish fillet and cornstarch mixed together and rolled…

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Mahkota Dewa : A fruit of god?

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 “Mahkota Dewa” scientifically named Phaleria Macrocarpa translated into English as “the god’s crown” . This fruit origins from New Guinea Indonesia and famously known in Indonesia and Malaysia as a fruit with many benefits from stems, shell and leaves. These pictures were taken in my parent’s backyard in Terengganu, Malaysia. They planted and process these miracle fruit for their own…

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The one cent thief that owns a Lamborghini

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Aman Shah was a 24 years old bank executive on 1990 working as a specialist in Hock Hua Bank, Malaysia with an income of RM1800.00 at that time lived in a very luxurious life including 6 supercars that was affordable only by a millionaire. His luck begin when he caught his fomer boss’s attention that sent him to a computer…

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Ancient gold bars found in ex-Japanese war tunnel

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Gold bars reported to have been found i a Japanese WW2 war tunnel tunnel in a plantation owned by Sime Darby in Sabah, Malaysia. News spread out in social media including findings of gold bars etched with the word Sumatra , dated on 28.08.1941 and 999.9 However the truth on the news cannot be verified as none of the plantation’s…

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CIH chernobyl. A virus that shook the world

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Every old timer ‘security enthusiasts’ that lived thru the year 1998-1999 have a sweet memory of a virus named CIH Chernobyl. For me myself, I have a friend of mine claimed to have a burnt motherboard after being infected by the virus. It’s seems illogical but after full exposure of the virus and its behavior,  I admitted that my friend…


How to install Xiaopan into USB Disk

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Xiaopan OS is a Tiny Core Linux (TCL) based operating system that can be use to test your network security leaks and weakness. It can be installed as a standalone OS, in USB disk as a live disk or VM. I will cover a tutorial on how to install Xiaopan into USB disk and use it as a live disk….

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