Resort World Kijal Sea Turtle Package

Resort World Kijal was formerly known as Awana Kijal. In fact local people still call the place Awana Kijal. If you are coming to this resort and need to ask someone about this hotel, if they have no idea on Resort World Kijal, change it to Awana Kijal. Surely they will have full idea on it.

After a hectic full months of restless working days in PPT, me and my family had our little family bonding time in Resort World Kijal. My wife is an active traveloka user, she got a special voucher and cash back for this sea turtle package in Resort World Kijal.

Sea Turtle Package

Included in this package is 3 day 2 night stay in Premier Seaview Room with complimentary breakfast for 2 (worth RM320/night). This package also includes turtle watching for 2 (additional pax is charged RM70/pax). The receptionist will call your room’s line and your handphone if turtle is sighted on either of the 2 nights. They will arrange a turtle release program on the check out day morning in case no turtle lands on both night.

Luck was with us. The reception called on 10pm during the first night and asked us whether we want to joint the observation session. Of course we are. That was the main reason of our stay this time. Actually we had stayed in Resort World Kijal for 2 times before.

The turtle is here

We took about 10 minutes to get ready and went to the lobby to find the staff waiting for us and still calling for other participants to join the session. At last we are the one and only group for the session.

Resort World Kijal is a very big hotel area which include golf course and a stretch of sandy Beach. Those area had been gazetted as turtle laying area and is restricted to staffs and occupants of the resort only.

The turtle laying location was a bit far from the resort building so they ferry us using their van going through the bushes and golf course. Arriving at the beach, we walked for about 5 minutes in the dark. The staff told me that turtle are afraid of white/daylight light.

On the way to the original location, the staff suddenly running and told us he saw another turtle landed we just let it there and went to the original location which is a bit far away.

Arriving at the scene, another staff waited for us and pointed to the turtle location. He was using some kind of red light. The turtle is from ‘agas’ type of turtle which is not so big as ‘belimbing’ turtle.

Sea Turtle Resort World Kijal
Sea Turtle

The turtle had finished laying it eggs and was in the process of hiding the egg. The staff had collected the eggs for transferring to hatchery area. They had been licensed by the government to collect the eggs, make a proper hatchery and release the turtle. Licensee also had the only right to sell some portion of the collected eggs. They paid around RM15k per year for the sole right permit.

Sea Turtle Eggs

The quantity of the egg is more than 100 altogether. The turtle will land more than two times in a stretch of 8-10 days apart at the same exact location to lay their eggs. That’s why they are very protective on the turtle especially on the lighting condition.

Turtle Eggs live
Turtle Eggs. In one shot

The turtle would not come for another round of it feels the area is not safe. Even if they had been to half the globe away, they will return to the location to lay their eggs. Proven by researchs done by researchers using GPS transmitter.

The staff told us that total time taken for a turtle from the moment they land to complete laying is 3 hours. If the hotel reception just called for the turtle session, no need to rush but don’t be a turtle because you may not be the only group for those particular session.


We are allowed to photograph the turtle in the dark(flash is prohibited). Only their red light is allowed in photo shoot session. We then walked back to the van and returned to our room.

Long time ago, a lot of turtle lands in Terengganu beaches but the number had been decreased over time to the extent of no more turtle landing in some areas. One of the beach that was famous for turtle landing long time ago was Rantau Abang Beach.

Unfortunately lack of education and control, visitors using white light, harassing the turtle making them feel unsafe and cross out the area for their next laying session.


Breakfast in Resort World Kijal is average for its class. They got local buffet dishes, Chinese and western breakfast.

One of the best meal serves in Resort World Kijal was their baked Mac and Cheese. My kids loved it. I love the taste, flavor and texture. For the first day they have nasi Kerabu (marvelous) and the second day they have nasi minyak on the local dishes line.

Resort world kijal breakfast
The line up
Resort world kijal breakfast
Bread and salad bar
Resort world kijal breakfast
Resort world kijal breakfast
Mac and cheese, fries and sausages
Resort world kijal breakfast
More mac and cheese
Resort world kijal breakfast
Plain porridge

The swimming pool

One of the main attraction in Resort World Kijal is their pool which included a kids playing area with kids water slide. They have 6 sectionsbof pool from below 0.5 up to 1.5m depth.

Resort world kijal swimming pool
Big swimming pool

They have lifeguard on duty. However the lifeguard will be on full guarding mode on the lifeguard station during school holiday season. During normal season he is standing by in the towel station.

Resort world kijal swimming pool
Kids play area
Resort world kijal swimming pool
The shower. Unique

The beach at Resort World Kijal is suaitable for swimming on your own risk. There is a warning signboard which say that the beach is dangerous for swimming if red flag is up. From my own observation, the flag is put up permanently as a warning only.

Beach in some part of Terengganu looks shallow on the shoreline but it could be steeper anywhere toward the sea. Furthermore in monsoon season there will be rip curl and the underwater current is very strong. Please do not swim if you are coming during monsoon season (September – March).

Resort World Kijal Sea Turtle Package is worth for every cent paid with the luxurious room and one of a lifetime experience with the turtle.

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