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Apps testing job is a kind of job that requires us to find somebody else’s mistake. It is not a time wasting job, it is a paid job. Now, let’s get some info on that.

Before moving to Australia last 2 years, I quit my job +- 1 month earlier before our departure date. During that period, I searched for everything that could be done online after moving to Australia.

One of the things that I had done was joining web/apps testing with GAT (Global App Tester). In about one months of doing their job, I got about RM800.00.

Now what?

Returning from Australia, I worked in Dominant Energy Sdn. Bhd for 6 months on project based contract. Up until now I’m still jobless. During my time at home, other than sending and picking up my kids from school, to add my skills I had learned and developed Android apps using Android Studio and game development using Unity. On my own accord, alone. The result, 2 Android apps and 1 android game had been published on Google Play Store.

1. Laundry Finder 
2. Radio Senyap
3. Mosquikill

My next project is educational games but I need to do some marketing research before continouing wih the development because I don’t want to waste my time on unmarketable product. So the game was compiled to OpenGL and parked on (level 1) and (level 2).

Testing Job

Now, let’s get back to our topic, now I’m back on doing Apps Testing Job but with various agency. Testing job is a not so complicated but not too easy job. It is like you are finding the developer’s mistakes. How to join the job?

Firstly, we need to be registered with a tester agency. I will list out agencies that was joined by me on the end of this post. After registering, usually they will supply a brief information about their obligation and our obligation. Next step is to learn and to pass their test.

Some apps testing agency hands out references for us to study and understand and then they will give us some test to makesure we are really serious and qualified to become their tester. There is also agency that will perform screening test beforehand. Only those that pass the screening test will move to the next step.

Screening Test

To pass the screening test and onboarding test, you need to make sure that you read and understand all the references given. Passing the apps testign job qualification test, you will receive invitation email to participate in a test cycle that is suited to the requirements ruled out by their clients. Such requirements including country, OS and browser. Some developer only want to test in specific country only, some developer wants to test in Android only, some developer wants to test using Chrome browser only.

Type of testing

There are 2 major type of tests namely Functional and Usability test. Functional test needs us to test all functions in the test Apps/Web for example navigation, button, crash or freezing. Usability test is more to UX (User Experience) for example the apps needs multiple steps to reach a result but upon testing, we know that it could be reached using let say 2 steps only.

There are testing agencies that prepared test case for the test cycle. Test case is a list of step by step instruction produced by a test engineer. Our job is to follow the steps given and to report if every step is passed or failed.

For every bugs submission you will need to attach proofs in form of screenshot of screencast(video) and logs for crash report. To produce a bug, you must set your head to become like what a real user thinks and does. You need to think creative and out of the box.


Payment given varies according to bugs type submitted and approved. Lowest ususally come from usability bugs while highest payment comes from crash report. If you can amuse the developer with a really really helpful bugs, they will be happy to add bonuses payment on top of the base payout.

Anyone could be a tester as long as you are really serious in doing it and thinks creative plus logically. Below is the list of apps testing job agencies that was joined by me.

  1. Global Apps Testing – 1st testing agency joined. Before departing to Australia, in a week there was at least 1 job from them. I got up to RM800.00 from this agency. Qualification test needed,
  2. uTest  Joined them before departing to Australia but never got a job from them during that time. Now, they have at least 1 job in a week. Qualification test apply.
  3. Test.IO – Just joined. No test, but they hand out references and you need to pass the onboarding test (testing live website) you need to submit 3 approved bugs then you will be eligible for real paid test invitation,
  4. Testlio – Just joined. You need to pass 3 basic tests (compulsory) and 2 optional test where you can repeat the tests until you passed.

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