Mahkota Dewa : A fruit of god?

mahkota dewa tree

 “Mahkota Dewa” scientifically named Phaleria Macrocarpa translated into English as “the god’s crown” . This fruit origins from New Guinea Indonesia and famously known in Indonesia and Malaysia as a fruit with many benefits from stems, shell and leaves.

These pictures were taken in my parent’s backyard in Terengganu, Malaysia. They planted and process these miracle fruit for their own consumption. No wonder they have a great health and still look young despite of their age.

Scientific studies had been performed and proved certain medical benefits of “Mahkota Dewa”

Extracts of this fruit reported to have medical benefits of:

  • anti-tumor
  • anti-hyperglycemia
  • anti-inflammation
  • anti-diarrhoeal
  • anti-oxidant
  • anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • vasodilator
The stem and shells of seeds have been used to treat various cancers, lung, live and heart diseases.

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The leaves also contain compounds that can treat impotence, blood diseases, allergies, diabetes mellitus and tumors.
(source : wikipedia)
mahkota dewa fruit

mahkota dewa fruit
 “Mahkota Dewa” fruits are green in color in early stage and turned to red in color during mature period. The seed is believed to be poisonous and must be cooked prior to consumption.

“Mahkota Dewa” is believed to be a great sex performance booster among men in Malaysia and Indonesia. It also could help in women menstrual health.

You can find “Mahkota Dewa” fruit drink extract in many shops outlet in Malaysia and Indonesia and also in selected commercial market. Love your health, reduce drugs. Consume more natural medication.

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