Ketupat Sotong, yummy stuffed squid.

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Ketupat sotong, in English term the most appropriate word is stuffed squid. It is a traditional Malay foods commonly found in coastal area of Malaysia, famously known in Terengganu and Kelantan. 

Glutinous rices are stuffed in cleaned squids and secured by attaching a piece of skewer then cooked in the sauce which is made using fenugreek, onion and ginger enriched with coconut milk, salt and sugar. The aroma itself could make your mouth watery. The taste is a combination of salty and sweet but not too salty and not too sweet. Eat it by cutting the stuffed squid using a knife or just use your spoon.

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A bowl of ketupat sotong with 3-4 squids is enough to fill your stomach much like eating a full bowl or rice. If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, control yourself as this food is quite high in cholesterol level contributed by the squids and the rice. This warning also goes to diabetic peoples as the glutinous rice contain more carb than normal rice. The aroma is calling you and begging you to eat them all but still, control yourself guys.

Ketupat Sotong could be found in roadside food stalls and the market easily during squid jigging season. Squid is more expensive out of jigging season so it will be quite hard to find ketupat sotong off jigging season. You could always ask the cafe to cook ketupat sotong for you, it is very easy to make it. Every locals chef and cook should know how to cook it. If you are lucky and have a local guide or you could make some local friends, you could ask them also.

If you happen to visit Malaysia, go to Terengganu or Kelantan and find this delicious food cooked using mouth to mouth, generation to generation passed on recipe. Find the original here.

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