How to install Xiaopan into USB Disk

Xiaopan OS is a Tiny Core Linux (TCL) based operating system that can be use to test your network security leaks and weakness. It can be installed as a standalone OS, in USB disk as a live disk or VM. I will cover a tutorial on how to install Xiaopan into USB disk and use it as a live disk.

First of all, learn some basic history and description on Xiaopan OS at Xiaopan official website . Briefly, Xiaopan is built to simplify Linux based network testing programs in GUI and more user friendly.
Now, download bootable Xiaopan OS at sourceforge Xiaopan OS page ( ISO ) file ~70mB.
The ISO file does’t have to be extracted to install Xiaopan into USB disk. Just make sure you know where to find the downloaded file.
2. Download Linux Live USB Creator (LiLi) ~5.86mB. Then install the downloaded file. The Live USB or LiLi is a tool to create Live USB version of any Linux distro. 
3. Open LiLi
How to install Xiaopan into USB disk
Choose your USB drive. Hit the refresh button to refresh newly connected drive

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Hit on ISO/IMG/ZIP and browse to downloaded xiaopan OS ISO file.
This step originally to manage how much RAM and Disk space to dedicate to the OS. Leave it. The traffice light will show green light meaning there is no problem to install Xiaopan into USB Disk
STEP 4. : Options
Hide created files on key : Tick if you don’t like the messy system file
Format the key in FAT32. This will erase your disk . Tick if you only want to use the disk to install Xiaopan into USB disk only
Enable launching LinuxLive in Windows(requires internet to install) . Tick if you want to use the disk in VM 
Click the lightning to start install Xiaopan into USB disk
Wait for the process to finish. Use windows explorer and open the USB disk. Sort the files by date
than find new created files. If any, means Xiaopan Live Disk have been installed, If there is no new file, Repeat the process an remember to RUN AS ADMIN and allow the program on UAC prompt.
Now restart your computer, insert the USB disk and select USB in boot disk selection (F2) for most BIOS. Or goto BIOS setup and select Boot disk priority to USB Disk as the highest priority.
Then ..
VOILA Xiaopan OS will start running
I won’t tell what Xiaopan OS can really do. Explore it yourself . try to use the feeding bottle and mindwepgtk. It is self explanatory. What I can tell you is , it is simple yet powerful. You will be amazed on what it can do. 
I will not hold any responsibility on those usage of this tutorial to penetrate into any network or to crack any WIFI. Please use it to test your own WIFI security. I am not responsible for any damages done to your PC or Laptop in using this tutotial. This tutorial only intends to share my knowledge on how to install Xiaopan into USB disk and make USB bootable disk
Currently compatible WIFI adapter : Check here . Most Atheros adapter are compatible . You can also try and error after you install Xiaopan into USB Disk. 
After succeed with Xiaopan, to avoid suspicion, use only one pc or laptop to connect and then share the connection using hosted network. See it here

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