Ancient gold bars found in ex-Japanese war tunnel

gold bar sabahGold bars reported to have been found i a Japanese WW2 war tunnel tunnel in a plantation owned by Sime Darby in Sabah, Malaysia. News spread out in social media including findings of gold bars etched with the word Sumatra , dated on 28.08.1941 and 999.9 However the truth on the news cannot be verified as none of the plantation’s worker admitted the findings. Rumors said that all the gold bars had been taken by the workers hence no gold bar found anymore in the tunnel

sabah ex japanese tunnel

The spreading news said that they were working on usual routine at the plantation when suddenly a portion of the plantation collapse and revealed a tunnel which is as big as a 10 tonne lorry can go inside the tunnel.

“I have called the plantation’s manager and the villagers around the plantation but it seems no further information known” said Susilo Sumarto , Kunak District Officer.

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Superintendant Abdul Rashid Abdullah, Kunak District Police Chief Officer said that a special team has been sent out to the area but they found no gold there.

sabah ex-japanese tunnel

Either the rumors are bluffs or the founders and keepers of the gold bars had sworn not to spread the story but unfortunately they have a whistle blower among them. I bet he or she must be the one with the smallest portion. In Malaysia, the law ruled out that it is illegal to keep anything found from the underground. This add up to no-one-verified-the-news act. Estimated value of a gold bar with 6.2KG is ~RM930,000 ~ USD$223,572 . Pheww. If you found something of that much value, do you hide it or keep it? If it was mine, I shall keep my head down, let the heat cool off then go to a friendly gold smith, divide it into pieces and sell it portion by portion.

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